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Home Insurance in Colorado

How much Home Insurance Coverage do I need?

Home insurance is there to protect your property and your belongings. Home insurance policy pays to repair or rebuild your home in case of loss. Insurance companies consider the square footage, exterior wall, kind of roof, style of house, and number of losses among other facts to give you a rate. In case of a loss, the deductible is the money you pay out of pocket. Therefore, you must make sure your home insurance deductible is reasonable. 

What are the different kinds of home insurance policies?

There are several different kinds of home insurance coverage:

      *Homeowners insurance – Occupied by owner 

      *Landlord Protection – Occupied by tenant

      *Condo/Apartment – Occupied by owner 

      *Renters – Tenant’s asset protection

What is the explanation of coverage on the insurance declaration page?

Coverage A: Make sure to update your insurance coverage every year so that your insurance will cover the replacement of your house in case of total loss.

Coverage B: Other Structures includes fences, sheds and detached garages. It is usually 10% of coverage A. If you think you need more coverage talk to your agent.

Coverage C: Personal properties include your jewelry, and valuable items which are subject to limitation. Therefore, if you have expensive jewelry, antique rugs or other valuables; you must schedule them separately in your insurance coverage.

Coverage D: In case you have to permanently relocate and move to a new location, this coverage covers your expenses.

Coverage E: For example, if someone slips and falls on ice in front of your house because you didn’t clean your front yard after snow, this liability covers that person’s injury.

Coverage F: If a person other than you or a resident of your house, gets injured their medical expenses are covered.

Replacement Cost vs Actual Value:

The coverage you choose must cover the total replacement of your property and your belongings in the event of a total loss. Replacement cost will replace your property completely in today’s value but Actual cash value will cover the cost of repairing the damage minus depreciation. You always want to choose replacement cost.

What Home Insurance Discounts are available in Colorado? 

There are home insurance discounts in place to lower the insurance premium, if client is eligible and the insurance company offers.

Home Insurance discounts in Colorado include:

          *New House Purchase Discount

          *New Roof Discount

          *Hail Resistant Roof Discount

          *Visible To Neighbor Discount

          *Dead Bolt Lock Discount

          *Multi-Policy Discount

          *Security System Discount

          *Smoke Detector Discount

          *Fire Sprinkler Discount 

          *Fire Extinguisher Discount

          *Nonsmoker Discount

          *Automatic Payment Discount

          *No Claim Discount 

          *Pay In Full Discount

          *Marriage Discount

          *New Renovation Discount

          *New Building Discount

By bundling auto and home, you might be able to save more.

What perils are generally covered by my home insurance?

Home insurance usually covers these perils:








         *Falling objects

Home insurance does not cover these perils



Ask your agent for flood or earthquake insurance.

How do I file a claim in case of hail damage?

Hail damage to the roof and exterior of a house is a very common loss in Colorado. 

In case of a hail damage follow the list below:

         1. Call your roofer to come and inspect the exterior and the roof of the house.

         2. Locate your home insurance policy and make a note of your insurance deductible.

         3. Write down insurance policy number, date/time of loss, photos, videos and damaged items.

         4. Call your homeowner’s insurance company’s claim number and report your loss. 

         5. Make sure to write down your claim number for future reference.

Why should I have an agent for home insurance?

You should have an insurance agent for your home insurance because agents have knowledge and experience about what is suitable for you and your family. Insurance brokers can give you quotes with several different insurance companies. With their advice, you can choose the insurance company and the coverage you like. You can call your agent in case of any changes such as remodeling or building code updates. In case of questions you can also call your agent. Some people believe insurance is just a requirement by law but in reality, insurance is for your own protection.

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