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Car Insurance in Colorado

 What is the minimum limit of car insurance required in Colorado?

The minimum limit of liability car insurance in Colorado is 

           *$25,000 bodily injury per person

           *$50,000 bodily injury per accident

           *$15,000 property damage

Bodily injury covers the medical costs of the injury to the third party.

Property damage covers the expenses of repairing the third party’s car.

However, after many years of experience in insurance the minimum limit of car insurance does not cover the cost of an accident.

In order to have a peace of mind that you and your loved ones are protected, talk to an agent to increase your coverage.

What is the explanation of coverage on the insurance declaration page?  

Every insurance policy has a declaration page and every insured should know their car insurance coverage.

Sample Insurance Declaration Table with Minimum Coverag

What is Non-Owned insurance?

Non-Owned auto insurance is good for people who don’t have a car and drive someone else’s car. In case of accident, the insurance can cover the liability.

What car insurance discounts are available in Colorado?

Insurance companies’ rates depend on the risk of a client and the vehicle. For example, a brand new 16-year-old driver is riskier to insure than a 40-year-old with a clean record. In another case a new sports car is riskier to insure than a four-passenger sedan. The higher the risk the more expensive the insurance premium. There are car insurance discounts in place to lower the insurance premium, if client is eligible and the insurance company offers.

Car insurance discounts in Colorado may include:

          *Homeowners Discount

          *Good Driver Discount

          *Good Credit Discount

          *Marriage Discount

          *Pay in Full Discount

          *Automatic Payment Discount

          *Multi-Driver Discount

          *Multi-Car Discount

          *Multi-Policy Discount

          *Prior Insurance Discount

          *Good Student Discount

          *Low Mileage Discount

          *New Car Purchase Discount

          *Safety Class Discount

          *Smart Device Discount

What other benefits can I get?

Some Insurance companies offer these benefits:

        *Accident Forgiveness

        *Minor Violation Forgiveness

        *Annual Term Insurance

        *Smart Device

 If I get a DUI or DWI can I get SR22 along with my auto insurance?

Yes, you can get a SR22 along with your insurance. In Colorado, when you get a DUI or DWI, it is real important to have SR22 along with your auto insurance continuously for 3 years.

How do I file a claim in case of an accident?

These are the steps you should take when you get into an accident and want to file a claim.

1.       Stop your car 

2.       Make sure to see if anyone is badly injured and in need of medical help. If so call 911.

3.       Call the police. Wait for the police to come and 

4.       Take pictures of the cars involved in the accident

5.       Exchange ID and Insurance Card

6.       Call your insurance company

7.       Put the claim and get the claim number

Why should I have an agent for car insurance?

You should have an insurance agent for your car insurance because agents have knowledge and experience about

what is suitable for you and your family. Insurance brokers can give you quotes with several different insurance

companies. With their advice, you can choose the insurance company and the coverage you like. You can call your 

agent to add or remove drivers, vehicles and coverage. In case of questions you can also call your agent. Some

people believe insurance is just a requirement by law but in reality insurance is for your own protection. 

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